Sanctuary Spaces - Trauma Responsive Coaching

Individual Coaching

Healing from Trauma

My individual work combines eight years of guided visualization and meditation work with Somatic Experiencing and coaching to support clients in releasing past trauma and shifting patterns which have resulted from these traumas.  

This work results in an increased awareness of each person's capacity for self-repair.  It can shift lifelong patterns of physical and emotional distress.  When we learn how we store stress and how it influences and often limits our choices, and we, with support, engage these emotional scars and release them, we regain choice in areas of our lives we had been blocked.

Individual sessions are available in Berkeley, at Terra's Temple or via phone or Skype remotely.  They are offered at a sliding scale from $40-$70/hour.  

If cost is prohibitive, please let me know, as I strive to make this work available to those who would benefit.

"I met Carlee when I was going through one of the toughest transformations in my life.  Carlee has an amazing gift of hearing something once, sometimes not even in it's entirety, and just getting it. I don't think I've ever met anyone who has such strong intuition to just understand and to see people. I always feel very much understood by her, never judged. When the big questions arise, I never feel like she gives me a definitive answer. She always guides me to my answer and lets me find it myself.  My work with her has given me clarity, faith, strength, confidence, and experience among many other things. She is an amazing teacher, leader, coach, and guide. Her gifts would be invaluable to anyone as blessed as I've been to work with her."                                                       -Christina S., Singer, Yoga Teacher