Sanctuary Spaces - Trauma Responsive Coaching

My Story

My work combines my experiences healing my own childhood trauma with 10 years of classroom teaching and coaching in Oakland's public schools.  I draw on the teaching of the Waldorf schools - the absolute need for teachers to be so flexible and so self-aware that they can respond to children in only the most skillfull ways. I have trained with Peter Levine through the Trauma Institute as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and incorporate the incredible wealth of understanding about trauma on the body/ mind/ emotions from this training into my work with educators.  I work with groups of educators and youth leaders as well as parents to support them in understanding trauma and its impact on learning and guide them in building their capacity to create sanctuary spaces for young people to heal and learn and grow. I work with individuals to discover and build relationship with resources within themselves such that they can navigate even the most debilitating of embodied coping patters in a way which restores their capacity to have choice where there were blocks and which frees them from debilitating patterns caused by trauma.  I work with youth to build self-awareness, to develop capacity for self-care, and to navigate the challenges of life in a way that allows them to learn and grow into empowered young leaders.